• Low-cost*, vandal-proof Touch-screens and Keypads for operation through shop windows, glass doors or thick glass and plastic.

* typical price for a 17" screen is 450 sterling.

These shop window systems will immediately be of use to Estate and Travel Agents, Tourist Information Centers, Job Centers, Train and Bus Stations and Libraries, but, as the technology becomes more widely known, many High Street Shops, Banks and Building Societies will find it a useful way to provide more information and services for their customers.

Most shops and offices have a window that is readily accessible to the public.

That window can now be used to provide a very powerful, secure, 24 hour, public access, interactive information service, at a very low cost.

  • Very lightweight waterproof keyboards and digitizing tablets which can be rolled up when not in use.
  • Industrial control panels with switches, sliders, keyboards and touch-screens on the one film.
  • Lightweight, formable control panels.
  • Large switching panels which can be operated through glass in hostile environments.
  • One film can be 'broken' up into a number of discrete keys.

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