Touch screen kiosks are gaining popularity as a means of providing interactive information systems for public use.

Unfortunately, many of the touch screens used are easily vandalized, damaged through excessive use, or work incorrectly when scratched or contaminated. As a consequence they are usually used indoors in a protected or semi-protected environment.

For the outdoor environment, the Proximity Sensing Touch Film enables an ordinary monitor to be used as a high resolution, vandal-proof and weather resistant touch screen which is protected by thick glass.

  • The resulting touch-screen is unaffected by knocks, scratches, dirt, grease, chewing gum, torrential rain, and other contaminants.
  • As the screen is solid state 'Down time' is reduced dramatically, as well as the need for engineer call outs.
  • The cosmetic appearance and usable life of the kiosk is greatly prolonged, as the screen cannot wear out.

As an alternative to a kiosk, it is possible merely to put a monitor in the shop window, sandwiching a layer of film between the monitor and the window. This would be operated from outside the shop.

  • Saving the expense of a kiosk.
  • The system can be monitored easily by shop staff.
  • The system can be installed or uninstalled in less than an hour and involves no modification or damage to the premises.

Additional Benefits:

  • The film overlays the display, but as it is transparent, it does not degrade the display image significantly.
  • The resolution is equivalent to that of the video display.
  • The touch-screen can be activated by any sized stylus, a gloved or non-gloved finger.
  • It is modular and is capable of being added to a display and computer in the same manner that other input devices are added.

This film can also be used to replace many existing keyboards and touch-screens with no loss of specification.

The advantages over existing keyboards and touch-screens are:

  • Solid state so no moving parts to wear out.
  • Environmentally sealed - impervious to dust, grease, moisture chemical or oil vapours or pressure hosedown that may be present in a hostile environment.
  • Very thin - 100-250 microns.
  • Flexible and formable.
  • Low cost.
  • Proximity Sensing.

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