The thin, clear film has the remarkable property that, when stuck to one side of a sheet of glass, it can sense the exact position of a persons finger when they are touching the other side of the glass, even if it is double-glazing.

Currently the most common use for the film is for touch-screen applications.

The film is attached to glass (typically inside a shop window) and the computer monitor is placed behind the film. This enables a standard monitor (up to 17") to be used as a touch-screen which works through glass thus allowing the user to stand outside the shop and work the computer inside the store.

The computer interface is very simple through the use of serial mouse emulation, which enables users to operate Windows programs from outside a shop, or on a kiosk without the need for a mouse.

As the user moves their finger across the glass, the mouse arrow follows. To select an item they simply move the arrow to that item and press. In this way, items as small as a pixel can be selected.

This software is totally compatible with Windows '95, '98, or NT programs which use the mouse for selecting items.

  • The Control Board (1cm x 20cm x 5mm thick) is attached the side of the film and is cabled to a standard RS232 serial port on the host computer.
  • No additional power source is required.
  • Windows '95, NT, and '98 platforms are fully supported.

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